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Organize For Success In The Connected World

A Social Business Blueprint by Facebook based on a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting.

Social is not a technology, a tool, or a trend — it’s a fundamentally new way for consumers to connect with the people and things they care about. For companies, it is not just a marketing or PR channel; it’s a new way of engaging with and learning from customers. It’s a whole new way of doing business. This is the connected world in which we live, work, shop, and play.

In December 2011, Facebook commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how businesses operate in a connected world, including how they must evolve their organizational structure. Forrester conducted online surveys with 101 VP- and C-level marketing professionals and interviewed 12 CEOs, CMOs, and VPs of marketing.

From this study, Forrester concluded that, while most marketing leaders recognize that social can enhance the customer experience, many organizations are not set up to capitalize on this opportunity. To be successful in the connected world, companies will need to undergo a companywide transformation to become a social business. CMOs must lead their organizations into this new connected world through more senior social leadership and companywide social integration.

Damien Fischetti

description | Online Marketing Manager at Tigerlily. From Music Biz to Tech startup. A gap that Steve Jobs summed: "In Silicon Valley, I swear that there are many who believe that the creative process is a band of thirties sitting on a couch, drinking beer... The entertainment industries imagine that technology is something you can buy, they don't understand the creative element.