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Tigerlily becomes Facebook “Preferred Marketing Developer”

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The new Facebook “Preferred Marketing Developer” program replaces the “Preferred Developer Consultant” program. Facebook always had a strong relationship with many companies of its ecosystem. “Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant” and “Marketing API” programs have linked brands and company like Tigerlily so they can receive advice and technical expertise. Today these two programs merged to become “Preferred Marketing Developer” program (PMD) to enable brands and agencies to better identify the players that will meet their needs: pages management, Facebook Ads, apps …

Badges go with this new program to define skills of the PMD. Tigerlily is pleased to participate in this new program and remains the only French platform to manage Facebook pages and applications affiliated to Facebook.

Click here to learn more about this new program

Damien Fischetti

description | Online Marketing Manager at Tigerlily. From Music Biz to Tech startup. A gap that Steve Jobs summed: "In Silicon Valley, I swear that there are many who believe that the creative process is a band of thirties sitting on a couch, drinking beer... The entertainment industries imagine that technology is something you can buy, they don't understand the creative element.