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Tigerweekly #04: Insights Facebook, Design de la Timeline…

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Every Friday, we offer to return to the Social Media news with a selection of the most revelant articles. Happy reading.

- Facebook Displays Percent Of Users Who Like Pages Who Have Seen Specific Posts
Facebook continues to quietly add and tweak features behind-the-scenes, without fanfare or announcements, and the latest example is the addition of a percentage link to posts on brand pages, which enables page administrators to see what percentage of the users who like the page have seen the post.
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Facebook Camera vs. Instagram: Ultimate Mobile Photo Sharing Smackdown
A new challenger appears! Facebook is now beginning to eat up its children, releasing a Camera app that competes directly with its recently purchased Instagram. Is it any good? Should you use both? Which one is better? Let’s dig in.
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55% Of Brands Ignore Their Customers On Twitter And Facebook [STUDY]
A new study has revealed a shocking disconnect in how businesses are using social media to liaise with customers, respond to feedback and manage complaints.
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Driving mobile app installs with the App Center
People will be able to access the App Center from Facebook’s iOS app, Android app and After someone clicks the install button on your mobile app detail page, they’ll be logged in and redirected to your app.
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Facebook launches dedicated Pages Manager app, making it easy to, well…
If you manage pages for work, school, or for other organizations that you’re involved with, it looks like you’ll be able to handle that process in an isolated mobile app experience. By focusing on managing Pages, it allows you to not have to mix “business and pleasure”, as it were.
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Facebook Tests New Timeline Design
Facebook is testing a series of cosmetic changes to the top of users’ Timelines, the company has confirmed.
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