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Get the best of the new Facebook features with the Timeline Manager

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Facebook announced new features to allow page owners to optimize their management:

- Multi-administrators
Facebook provides five page management roles: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser & Insights Analyst

- Shedule publication
Facebook allows you to plan publications by selecting a later date and hour.

- Geotarget pages
In test, this feature will bring up a page with specific content depending on the user locality.

Many new features that will help small business. However, the Timeline Manager is essential for iconic brands. Our solution already had all these features. In addition, the latest version available since yesterday morning provides a powerful management of your Timeline that Facebook can’t offer you.

1. UX & Ui optimization with a new design
2 years of reflexion and exchanges with our clients allowed us to work on an intuitive interface. The Timeline Manager focused on managing conversations on Facebook. What could be more functional than taking than a mailbox architecture. So you will quickly identify:
- Latest comments
- Private messages
of your community

2. Moderation
The Timeline Manager is an essential solution to moderate effectively your page with:
- Create your automatic moderation rules based on keywords lists
- Automatically remove messages or choose to receive e-mail alerts
- Set automatic alerts for you and your team

3. Sort posts and comments
The Timeline Manager allows you to sort fans interactions by:
- Read
- Unread
- Alerts
- Deleted

A much clearer display.

Private messages receive a particular classification adapted to their use:
- Inbox
- Read
- Unread
- Not answered
- Alerts
- Muted: allowing you to focus on messages that need answers and not on spam messages.
- Archived

Tigerlily is one of the first solutions which integrate management of private messages.

Tigerlily est l’une des premières solutions à intégrer la gestion des messages privés.

4. A custom workflow
You will define the roles according to the validation process of your company. You can create a custom workflow. Essential for companies with several international teams of community managers.

5. Multi-publishing
Beyond the scheduling of your publications, the Timeline Manager allows to publish a same post on multiple pages.

6. Identify your community
Our solution enables you to identify your ambassadors and most active fans with the UIR (user interaction rate) giving each fan a score between 0 and 100 based on their comments, likes and private messages.

You will also have access to the user story with all of his interactions with your page.

7. Statistics
The Timeline Manager offers to sort your publications by performance:
- The number of video views via your publication (Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo …)
- The number of likes
- The number of comments
- The number of clicks
- Your reach
- People talking about this

In addition your page insights, the Timeline Manager will suggest the best time to interact with your fans.

8. Geotargeting optimization
To meet the growing needs of our customers in the targeting of their publications for International Pages, we have optimized the geotargeting feature.

Geotargeting by exclusion
Now, you can exclude countries and languages for your Facebook publications. You don’t have to enter a large number of countries or languages.

Example: you want to make a publication only visible to US territory which has a specific communication. You just need to exclude this country. Previously, you had to specify all targeted countries.

Geotargeting groups
To facilitate your publication process, the Wall Manager allows you to create your own  geotargeted groups and communicate more accurately with your various targets.

Example: Create a group “All except French” where you can exclude all French users both in France, Belgium, Switzerland…

With this new feature, the Wall Manager is the perfect tool for global and local communication. With the creation of groups, you keep control of your publications and their targeting.You’ll save valuable time for your Community Managers.

9. Publication editing
The Timeline Manager is the perfect tool to manage your pages internationally, adapting to all types of organization. The Timeline Manager offers a fine management of roles for a more coordinated teamwork. We have provided special care for creation, editing and validation of your publications.

Create “Masters” to unify editorial of your publications between your different teams that manage your pages. Your template will include:
- A title
- A message
- A Comment to specify (for example) when you can use this master in your publication

Then, you just simply select the Facebook pages and users for whom these “Master” are applicable. The affected users will receive an email notification informing them of its creation.

You can always edit and delete these “Masters”.

Your validation process can adapt to the drafting of publications in the Timeline Manager. Your Community Managers can create drafts which will need an Administrator validation before their publication.

Rights management will give a precise role to each user:
- Admin or not
- Editing, moderator, publication and geotargeting rights
Each “Draft” has a complete story on which you will find all user feedback and workflow.

Those involved will be notified by email of each action: editing, validation and comments.

10. Conclusion
With a global and/or centralized communication, you keep control of your publications and your Timeline to harmonize your messages and avoid surprises.

Damien Fischetti

description | Online Marketing Manager at Tigerlily. From Music Biz to Tech startup. A gap that Steve Jobs summed: "In Silicon Valley, I swear that there are many who believe that the creative process is a band of thirties sitting on a couch, drinking beer... The entertainment industries imagine that technology is something you can buy, they don't understand the creative element.