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How your business can benefit from Facebook’s Nearby Friends feature!

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What is it?

Nearby friends is a new feature that Facebook will be deploying in the coming weeks on both iphone and android (starting in the US) which enables users to share their location and get notified when their friends are nearby. The feature is optional, meaning that users can choose whether to reveal their location or not, and information is exchange only if both friends have activated the it.


What is it for?

The objective is to enable friends to meet up more easily and spontaneously. It is also a great way for users to see places that their friends have visited before or are visiting in real-time and it encourages users to recommend places to each other.


nearby friends


What does it change for my business?

For now, Facebook is not enabling Business pages to use nearby places but there are several actions you can take to make the most out of the new feature, so here are a few recommendations:

1. Make sure your business location information is complete and up-to-date!
You need to make your business easy to find and identify. When friends are in your business’ neighbourhood and decide to meet up, chances are they will choose a place that is easily accessible. Be that place.

2. Don’t hesitate to encourage your community to activate “nearby friends” when they are in your establishment and get them to use precise location!
Precise location enables users to give more detail about where they are (such as places names) and can give your business even more visibility. Boost your offline advertising encouraging your customers take action online because when they do, their friends (that also have nearby friends activated) will see that they are using your services and will be more inclined to join them.

3. Anticipate the possible uses of “Location history”!
“Location history” is automatically tracked on this feature and even though users have the option to delete that data, Facebook has explained that Nearby friends will not work entirely if the data is deactivated. Even though Facebook is not providing this data to businesses for targeted advertising yet, it has revealed to Techcrunch that it will be doing so in the future. Facebook has not given additional information about how they will do this, but it will most likely enable your business to conduct hyper-local targeted ads in the long run. Brace yourselves!


If you handle Facebook and Twitter accounts every day and feel overwhelmed by your daily tasks, don’t hesitate to ask us for a demo to find out how the Tigerlily App can help you through your day!

The Tigerlily App Upgrades To Real-Time!

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We are proud to announce that the Tigerlily App is now able to retrieve Twitter and Facebook mentions, comments, posts and publications in less than a minute.

Considering that 50% of Twitter users expect a response to their messages within two hours, it is absolutely essential to be able to respond as rapidly as possible.

This is why our development team introduced real-time and managed to cut retrieving time by 10, to give you the fastest social media management software on the market.

Want to try out the Real-time Tigerlily App? Contact us!

Who said Social Media Marketing only worked for the private sector?

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Twitter recently published a study showing the effects of different features (photos, videos, quotes, hashtags and numbers) on the amount of retweets per posts, across different fields (politics, TV, news, Sports and music). They analysed a total of 2 Million tweets sent by thousands of verified user accounts over the course of a month.

Each industry should use Twitter differently than others as its own audience can be very different and react differently to various factors. 


Here are 5 tips for political institutions to optimise their tweets:


Include a powerful media

For political institutions, the study shows that tweets which include Photo URL have 62% more retweets than they would’ve otherwise. Look at the example below, the image content is powerful as it delivers the intended message very clearly.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.47.48

Include a strong call to action

Call to actions enable your tweets to go to another dimension, they are not just informing anymore, they’re redirecting your audience in the direction you want them to go: your website? your product? Make sure you define your objectives carefully as they will define the call to actions you use. In the example above, the call to action is to Get covered now and the link to do so is clearly pointed out using an arrow, so as to redirect the audience effortlessly.


Create a sense of urgency

Call to actions are more effective if you manage to create a sense of urgency in your tweets. This could be a limited-time offer on a product or service, or a deadline for a subscription. Creating urgency will give your audience an extra incentive to respond to your call as they see it rather than putting it off for later which can mean they simply forget about it. In the example, the audience is urged repeatedly: “don’t wait”, “get covered NOW”, “today”. This makes it clear that the action must be taken instantly.


Use Hashtags wisely!

Hashtags are tricky to use: you want to use the right ones and in the right amount. You don’t want to put so many that they overcomplicate your tweets but since tweets that include hashtags help political institutions get 30% more retweets, we do suggest that you use at least one! The hashtag above is #GetCoveredNow. It is a powerful hashtag because it is clear, can stand on its own, serves as call to action and creates a sense of urgency.


Promote and target your tweets

Don’t hesitate to use promoted tweets to give your tweets that extra boost, but make sure you use those targeting options. Target your tweets using interests, keywords or devices to make sure you are delivering your message to the right groups!


We will soon be publishing a white paper on the use of social media by public institutions which will look at the issue in more depth. If you are a public actor and want to find out more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Financial institutions: Find out what your clients expect

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Financial institutions face two major challenges on social media which affect the way they communicate and organise internally: the first is managing their customer relations and the second is managing their community.

Managing Customer relations

Today, 32% of consumers use social media to complain about products or services and get in touch with customer services, and about 55% of consumers expect a reply from banks to the comments that they post.

This means that, as a bank or financial institution, you must be able to access and respond to messages quickly and efficiently. The Tigerlily App can help you achieve these goals.

Collaborate between departments

The objective here is to enable a quick and simple flow of information between your marketing department and all the other relevant departments (customer service, communications, HR, PR…).

From the Tigerlily app, you can create user groups and define specific rights within these groups (access to social accounts, permission levels). This way, you can contact the customer service department rapidly so that it can respond to complaints, for instance.

Anticipate increases in workflow

The app calculates the moments during which you receive most messages to help you mobilise your teams in advance.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 13.39.48

Receive centralised notifications for all incoming messages

The App provides a notification system informing you of all incoming messages or mentions of your firm on your social media channels.

Distribute the work load

Incoming messages can be filtered with keywords that automatically redirect them to the concerned people in the form of an alert. This automatisation enables you to split the flow of messages and deal with it more rapidly.

Managing your community

70% of consumers expect banks to publish saving tips on social media. To enlarge their community and increase their chances of converting their community into clientèle, financial institutions must create and publish contents that are susceptible to interest their consumers and prospects.

It is therefore indispensable to have good knowledge of the formats and contents that interest your community most in order to adapt the contents you share to your community.

Optimise the format and publication times of your contents

The Tigerlily app analyses the performance of your posts and shows you the themes and formats that have most success within your community and the best times to publish them. You will know, for instance, that to increase fan engagement on Facebook, the two themes that are most likely to help you achieve that are savings and new products, and that publishing images in the morning is the most successful format.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 13.38.36

5 Things you need to know before launching a Facebook App

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Your objectives

The first step when launching an app campaign of any kind is to know what your objectives are. Simple apps can help you increase fan base and engagement or virality rates. More elaborate ones can help you convert visits from the app into visits on your website and even convert visits on your website into sales. Depending on the investment you are willing to put into your app, you can hope for different results which is why it’s crucial to have a realistic vision of what each type of application can help you achieve and have the right tools to measure your app’s ROI.

→ Set clear objectives upfront.


Tracking and measuring ROI

Basically, for branding apps without conversion objectives (luxury brands for instance), measuring the impact of your app comes down to looking at the app’s internal statistics: the number of visits and amount of participation if it applies. For branding apps with conversion objectives, you will need to look at the app’s internal stats AND track the actions of users when they leave the app: track the traffic on your website generated by the app and track how well this traffic converts into sales. To do this, we encourage you to use online tracking tools such as Google analytics or the Facebook conversion pixel. 

→ Get the right tools to measure ROI.



Attention to detail is absolutely indispensable as all applications have a very real impact on brand image. Today, 90% of retail brands (that own a Facebook page) have at least one Facebook app on their brand page therefore the tricky part is to stand out with an original app without going overboard and complicating the app process so much that the users loose interest. 32% of consumers abandon any internet page that doesn’t load between 1 and 5 seconds. 

→ Prefer simple yet personalised formats which show the uniqueness of your brand



In a similar fashion, consumers don’t like to encounter difficulties when they use an app. Regardless of this, in 2013, 28 % of Brands that have Facebook Apps had at least one app on their page which just didn’t work! Bare in mind that consumer satisfaction goes down 16% when they encounter just one second delay when charging internet pages, which shows just how sensitive (and impatient) they are to this kind of detail. Obviously not a single brand wants to compromise its ROI because of technical complications, therefore you must always make sure that the process of the app is irreproachable.

→ Throughout the duration of the campaign, make sure you can easily get in touch with a referent who is responsible for the functioning of the app.


Project Management

Launching an app campaign requires a lot of management from the launch to the end of the campaign. In 2013, 17% of retail brands which had Facebook apps had at least one app that wasn’t up-to-date, giving those brands a really neglected image. In the same idea, negative comments about the app which are left un-responded can really sabotage your campaign because they really do matter to your fans!

→ Think ahead to prevent any management complications by setting up a precise calendar in advance, which anticipates every step of the campaign and the ressources you need to have at hand at these times.


If you want help creating your Facebook App, click here to get a demo and see what the Tigerlily teams can do for you! 


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