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Design your music poster with Deezer on Facebook

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To celebrate its 2 million fans on Facebook, Deezer invites its communities around the world to express their creativity by designing a unique music poster thanks to the “Music poster Factory”.

How it works?
- Pick a poster template.
- Add your own catchy text. Original and witty posters are sure to get most votes.
- Choose a colour and pick an illustration. All drawings are by kick-ass illustrator McBess.
- Create your poster and see it in the poster gallery. You can make as many posters as you like.
- Share with your friends, and receive votes.


This Facebook application is available on mobile and desktop and provides custom Open Graph actions (for each submission and vote) to increase its visibility and reach all music fans.

Which Facebook App do you need?

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A table summarizing your goals on social media and solutions adapted to achieve them.


[Monitoring Insights] Optimize moderation of your Facebook Pages

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We are pleased to present Monitoring Insights, a supplement to our Insights product, which allows you to analyze messages and actions made on your Facebook pages.

With Monitoring Insights you finally have a clear and accurate view of your moderation activities.

Monitoring Insights makes it easier to:
- Control your publications in real time
- Protect your brand from crisis
- Monitor and optimize the work of your community managers

1. How many messages did you receive?
Volume of comments, public messages and private messages with their breakdown by the hour and day.

2. How did you manage incoming messages?
An overview of your monitoring activity

- Answering time
Segment granular time periods using our date/time filter.

- Opened alerts
Corresponding to the moderation rules set in Conversations. See a ranked list of type and users that generated the most alerts.

- Deleted messages
Whether a message was flagged and removed via rules configured in Conversations or manually by your staff, see rankings by keywords and the users who generated the most deletions.

- The leaderboard of your most active moderators.

3. What are your most controversial posts?
Discover which posts create the most alerts and message deletions

With Monitoring Insights, our social marketing platform enhances its Insights solution to offer more comprehensive analysis of your Facebook Pages.

Matthieu Chéreau, CEO Tigerlily
“The moderation of social conversations is taken very seriously by our customers. Monitoring insights now allows them to better quantify and optimize interactions with their communities. Top Managers may take advantage of detailed reports on the activity of a given month. Community Managers, meanwhile, can measure each action of moderation and increase efficiency. This evolution of our platform is part of a global effort that aims to make our customers the best and most effective in social marketing.”

Which Facebook app for which goal?

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We are pleased to present our latest work for our clients and welcome IGN, the French Geographic Institute, which joins the Tigerlily Platform. Discover the best mechanisms to reach your goals:

1. Lead acquisition: Sample request
Yves Saint Laurent offers samples of its new product “Touche Eclat” to acquire new leads and turn them into new clients.

2. Fan acquisition: Instant Win
An instant win is an easy way to gamify fans acquisition and thus better qualify them.

3. Recruit: Creative contest
The L’Oréal Facebook Page dedicated to human resources proposes a special campaign to find new talents. Job Seekers are invited to create a video, a Pinterest board or a Slideshare presentation and apply to L’Oréal Luxe TalenTube contest by telling the exciting story of who they are… The authors of creations selected by the jury at the end of the contest will meet the recruitment team.

4. Engage : participatory contest
The french division of RockCorps asks its community to share its volunteer experience thanks to photos, stories…

5. Product Awareness : Quiz
The French operator Sosh provides a special Quiz with questions related to its new product to best understand its features and key points.

6. Conversions : Custom app
For the  2013 edition of the Music Day, Spotify decided to develop a Facebook app letting users discover the local music scenes of 10 cities in France through 10 Spotify playlists. An original way to bring people to listen to music on the streaming service.

Spotify celebrates the World Music Day on Facebook & Instagram

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The World Music Day is a major international event created in France in the 80’s. For this new edition, Spotify, the online music streaming service, decided to offer a new way to discover the local music scenes in France through 10 cities. Thanks to a Facebook application developed by Tigerlily, Spotify proposes to:

- Listen to a Spotify Playlist including famous artists and new talents of his local scene.

- Join the Facebook event dedicated to your city with a selection of performances. Artists and musicians can share and promote their own concerts on the wall.

- Share the best photos of concerts with Instagram and the Hashtag of your city like #SpotifyParis. Authors of the most popular images (thanks to the vote on Facebook) will win concert tickets and Spotify subscriptions.

A innovative promotion of local music scenes, often forgotten by traditional media. After the recent release of its recommendation feature “Discovery”, Spotify is an essential platform to discover new artists.

Discover the application:

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