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The French Open: a strategy focused on content

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We are pleased to renew our partnership with the French Tennis Federation (FFT) in setting up the Social Media strategy for the French Open, Roland-Garros, following the great success story last year.

For this new edition, the FFT continues to expand its community on Facebook and Twitter the most important growth for a Grand Slam tournament over 1 year.

A strategy in 3 parts
An impressive growth resulting in a brand’s development explained by the head of marketing and communication, Edouard-Vincent Caloni:
“1. Increase the spread of our contents that generate the most engaging experiences with our community.
2. Live the tournament in a digital way for all those who can’t live the experience at the stadium.
3. Boost interactivity with our followers and fans who are present at Roland-Garros.”

A cross-channel campaign
The Roland-Garros Facebook Page focuses on the valuation of the branded content through 5 applications developed with Tigerlily. 2 have their own mobile version (Quiz Roland Garros and # RGPics) to meet the expansion of mobile usage on Facebook and directly interact with people around the tennis courts.

- The Roland-Garros Quiz
Test your knowledge of the tournament through 10 questions..

- RGPics
Vote for the best photo with the Instagram hashtag #RGPics

- Inside the French Open
Behind the scene with web/TV radio and tweets of tennis players.

- Golden Moments
Discover the best moments of the tournament with the most legendary photos and videos of this competition via a Pinterest-like board.

- The official store
Showroom of official products

In addition to its own actions, Roland Garros continues to expand its strategy thanks to special campaigns produced by its official partners..

Roland-Garros stands out as one of the most popular sport events on social media with a unique approach as Edouard-Vincent Caloni explains it: “We build our own way without paying attention to other tournaments. We are closer to what luxury brands, other sports and cultural events do.”

Roland Garros on
Facebook :
Twitter :
Pinterest :
Google+ :
Dailymotion :
Instagram :

Conversations: create multi-publishing groups, sentiment analysis…

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Find the latest upgrades of our platform to best meet your needs and follow the Facebook evolutions:

1. Global administration of your settings
- Unified management of automatic alerts for Facebook and Twitter

- Creation/edition of multi-publishing groups on Facebook
For brands with many “Social Accounts” and working at a global and local level.

2. “Reply to comments”
Now when you answer to a user via the platform, this reply is displayed on Facebook as a “Reply to comments”, a recent feature, to personalized conversations with your community. Users get a Facebook notification to warn them about your answer.

3. Sentiment analysis
A first step to a semantic analysis of social networks on our platform. You have the ability to tag Facebook comments and fan posts, Twitter mentions and RT in 3 ways: Positive, neutral and negative.

Aside a global trend of your community’s feeling, these data wil be integrated in our next product “Monitoring Insights”, to analyze all your statistics of moderation and activity for  your social accounts

4. Best collaborate with your teams
“Conversations” provides internal comments on your community’s messages to easily interact with your different departments: marketing, communication, customer, legal… and so improve your workflow.

Contact our lovely consulting team if you have any questions or concerns.

Design & Marketing: “Less is more”

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We are pleased to announce the redesign of our website, which will help identify how our offerings might satisfy your needs. The impact of Facebook and Twitter on your business are serious and can often be complicated; we want to use our website to show you our simple and clean approach to the social ecosystem.

Marion Thomas-Mauro, Art Director Tigerlily
“We chose to change from our illustrated aesthetic to a more refined, clear and real visual identity. Our ambition was focused on providing the instant understanding of the 3 offerings in our platform and their details. It’s important to us put emphasis on the product and its advanced functionality thanks to our talented development team. 

To address these issues, we followed the philosophy of the german architect, Mies Van Der Rohe, who believes “less is more”. The white spaces structure and become the frame of the website. The color range has been reduced to a single tone of orange – the color of the “Call to Action” buttons. Fonts were selected rigorously. We decided to use Klavika as our primary font, with its geometric and accurate shape, and Proxima Nova as our text font, chosen for its readability. Icons have also been simplified evolving towards a more subtle shape (like the new Tiger design). For the site’s iconography, we opted for large photos that reflect our company.”

This redesign is more in line with the philosophy and culture of our startup. Developers and designers who think “out of the box” with a attention to detail for designing an innovative, performance-oriented product, serving brands and their teams.

Tag your posts on Facebook to best analyze your performance

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More than organize and filter your messages, adding tags lets you analyze your performance compared with your own criteria. An essential feature to study the efficiency of your contents according to topics mentioned on your Facebook Pages.

How to tag your posts?
Publish, via our product “Conversations”,  offers the ability to add one or several tags. So you can indicate if your post presents a product promotion, an event, a contest… or a personalized classification related to your business.

This “Tagging” allows to send special metrics into our solution “Insights”, so helping you exactly measure results of your posts in terms of your own topics.

Tags for an accurate analysis
Beyond an analysis by type of post, evaluate the performance of your messages by tags based on the main KPIs:

- Reach: Average reach by post tags

- Engagement: Average engagement rate by post tags

- Virality: Average virality rate by post tags

Customized your reports
Displaying your insights according to one or several tags, lets access reports à la carte related to specific topics of  your organisation. Cross with different criteria like country, locale to deepen your level of analysis.

A Social Media Analytics tool has to be paired with a solution to manage your Pages and its conversations. The way you work everyday on your Page is closely connected to your results.

Which methodology to best analyze your posts performance on Facebook?

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We are pleased to introduce a new version of “Insights” which includes a unique methodology in 3 parts to best analyze your posts performance on Facebook:

- How do your posts perform?
- What are your most performant posts?
- How do you publish?

1. How do your posts perform?
A breakdown of your performance in terms of reach, engagement & virality letting compare the results of your messages and set specific goals.

The analysis splits into 2 groups:

Average performance for a post:
- Reach: the number of unique people who saw your post
- Engagement: the number of unique people who clicked (including actions) on your post as a percentage of the daily number of unique people who have seen it.
- Virality: the number of unique people who created stories from your post as a percentage of the number of unique people who have seen it.
- Reach Rate: the number of unique people who saw your post as a percentage of your Fans count. Please note that this number can be above 100%, as you can reach people beyond your fan community.
- Organic Reach Rate: the number of unique people who saw your post organically during the selected period as a percentage of your Fans count.
- Average of interactions: Likes, comments and shares.

Performance criteria analysis:
Identify criteria enabling to get the best engagement, virality and reach results. These indicators will support your strategy by selecting one of these three criteria to determine:
- Average engagement, virality and reach by days and time.
- When should you publish to get the best engagement, virality and reach.
- Average engagement, virality and reach by post type.
- Average engagement, virality and reach by tag (used in “Conversations”).

Averages benefit from an accurate calculation and not an average of percentages. A method explained here.

2. What are your most performant posts?
Determine actions and messages the most efficient through a ranking by:
- Interactions: Likes, comments and shares.
- Performance: Engagement, virality and reach.

3. How do you publish?
A breakdown of your posting activity in order to appreciate the work of your Community Managers.

Metrics of your publications:
- The number of posts
- The frequency
- Average daily posts
- The number of advertised posts
- Daily repartition

Breakdown of your posting activity:
- Posting activity by days and hours
- Posts by type
- Posts by tags
- Posts by geotargeting

4. Customize your analysis
Thanks to its filtering system, “Insights” allows to analyze your performance with your own criteria. An essential feature for brands working locally, nationally and internationally:
- Date range
- tag
- Target
- Type of post
- Community Managers
- Advertised post or not

“Insights” offers the most comprehensive tool to analyze all your Facebook Pages and your ecosystem through a simple methodology and true mathematical calculations.

Clients of “Conversations” can now access the post performance part of “Insights”.

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