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How to increase the clicks on your tweets by 18%

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Last october, twitter announced the launch of preview photos directly onto timelines, making it possible to see the images associated with a tweet without having to click on the link, both on desktop and mobile.


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Brands have rapidly adopted this new visual format and the first results have shown just how effective it is. Last november, Buffer analysed the last 100 tweets published on its account @buffer and showed that tweets with images have on average 18% more clicks than those without. Similarly, posts with images receive 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. 

If you are still not using this visual format, we can only encourage you to try it out. When you do so, do remember to include a link to your website or its contents in all your tweets in order to convert the engagement the tweets will generate into visits!

The Tigerlily App enables you to publish images on twitter and automatically track the links you use. This means that you can mesure the trafic generated by your tweets whenever you post and see the impact of twitter’s new visual format for yourself.


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If you are not using the Tigerlily App yet and would like to discover all its features, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a full demo.

The French museum association chose the Tigerlily App to manage its social media accounts

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We are happy to announce that the French “Réunion des musées nationaux – grand palais” (Rmn-GP), a prestigious cultural association working under the Minister of culture and which regroups many french museums, has chosen to work with the Tigerlily App to manage its Social Media.

The Tigerlily app will enable the marketing teams of the different social accounts of the Grand Palais and the Musée du Luxembourg to dynamise their presence on social media.

One of the main objectifs shared by the two brands is to engage their community by providing relevant contents and extending their social media services.

This new collaboration is yet another proof of the change that is currently taking place among cultural and public entities: the realisation that the issues of social business do not only concern the private sphere.

In this respect, big public actors already work with us such as the Opéra de Paris and the Centre Pompidou.


If you’d like to know more about the Tigerlily app, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Facebook announces a new look for Pages

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Facebook announced this afternoon a new design for Pages in order to offer an easier access to the different contents and tools.

What will precisely change ?

The Page timeline will include a unique column for posts (the current one has two), the different page posts will appear larger (exactly like they do in the Timeline).

The new look will be similar to the one your currently have on your personal profiles:

- A left column will display some information about your company and page: likes, map, hours of business, telephone number, website url but also photos and videos.
- The right column will feature your Page posts.

redesign facebook pages 1

For the admins, whatever part of your timeline you’re looking at, you will have a simplified access to insights, just like below:

redesign facebook pages 2

Facebook also revealed that, in the overview section, insights admins will have access to some performances of the pages they watch: pages that are similar to their own (such as competitors’).  The insights standing for: total number of likes, growth rate of the community, number of posts, engagements.

redesign facebook pages 3

Through the Posts section you will also have a view of your competitors’ most engaging posts.

How will this affect me? 

Those changes won’t have any impact on the sizes of the different cover and profile pictures. Nevertheless, your brand’s profile photo will sit higher on the cover one and the name of your page will appear in white on the cover. If the background of your cover picture is white or light you might want to change it.

When will it start and will it affect everyone ?

Yes, this redesign will be rolled out progressively for everyone. You can add your page to a wait list if you want to be one of the firsts to discover and use it. You will then have two weeks, to update your creatives or information before your consumers see your page with the new design.

Facebook announced that it will roll out the redesign for brand pages during the next two weeks.

Beauty Brands’ 2013 Facebook performance benchmarks

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Do you know where your brand stands?

At tigerlily, we’ve analysed the performances of the Facebook pages of 14 different beauty brands, with communities standing roughly around 950 000 fans, from january 2013 to February 2014 to give you a few benchmarks to relate your own performance to. This study can help you understand which metrics to pay attention to and where your brand stands.


Average daily fan base growth

What is it?
This is the fan evolution as a percentage of the existing community at the beginning of the period.

Formula: number of new fans / initial number of fans x 100

Why does it matter?
The number of fans you have shows you how your brand is appreciated by the public and how big your online community is. As your community grows, you get more visibility for your contents and your company’s messages have a bigger chance of being heard. However, having a large fans base should not be a goal in itself, you should put the emphasis on getting the right audience for your business. Try to think in terms of quality rather than quantity.

What’s the trend?
Beauty brands experience an average growth of 0.22% per day.


Average daily page engagement

What is it?
The average daily page engagement shows you the daily number of unique people who clicked on your page or any of its content as a percentage of people who have come across them.

Formula: number of unique clicks on your page or contents / number of times they were viewed x 100 

Why does it matter?
Engagement is a good indicator of the ability of your page and contents to stir up interest, it’s one thing to get your contents seen, but it’s a whole different story to get people to interact with that content. Engagement is the first step to acquiring valuable leads when people click on your page and contents which can potentially be turned into sales for your business. In that sense, it is one of the most important metrics you want to keep an eye on.

What’s the trend?
Out of all the people who come across beauty brands’ Facebook pages, around 2.11% of people actually click on the page or contents.


Average daily page virality

What is it?
The average daily page virality shows you the number of unique people who have created stories from your page or any of its contents as a percentage of the people who viewed the page and its contents. Stories include sharing, liking, comments, answering questions, responding to an event, claiming an offer…

Formula: number of unique people who created a story on page or contents / number of people who viewed the page or contents x 100

Why does it matter?
Virality doesn’t only show you if your contents stir up interest, it also shows you if people are actually relating to your contents to the point that they act on it. Having a high virality shows that you manage to trigger actions from your community so that they become, purposely or not, active ambassadors of your brand.

What’s the trend?
Out of all the people who come across beauty brands’ Facebook pages and their contents daily, about 1.06% of them create a story around the page and/or contents.


Do bare in mind that the beauty brands in question generally have large Facebook communities and that all these metrics vary based on community size and marketing decisions, in fact during the period of study 86% of those brands conducted paid actions on Facebook. In that respect, these figures should be viewed as useful – yet circumstantial – points of comparison.

At Tigerlily, we save you having to calculate those metrics yourself and we provide many more insights on your Facebook and Twitter performances to help you understand where you stand and optimise your future actions. Request a demo here.

Simplify your global and local social media management

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It is no secret that addressing local communities with specially tailored messages creates more engagement and virality. However, maintaining a coherent and homogenous brand image while conducting local social media campaigns can be rather complex: You have to manage numerous teams, often based in different countries and time-zones, and address very different audiences.

To deal with local marketing, most large brands tend to adopt the Cooperation Model of marketing in which social media marketing tasks are split between the head quarters and local branches. In doing so, many businesses – such as L’oréal Luxe and Deezer – trust Tigerlily to help them achieve their goals.


We help you distribute the workload between various teams.


With the Tigerlily app, you can easily create user groups with different access and rights to your different social media channels and applications. You can choose to create groups for all the different countries you operate in for instance. We advise you to apply subsidiarity as much as possible to maximise efficiency

In each group, you can change the various rights that employees have on the application: publishing rights (full rights, writer-only or none), moderation rights (full rights, limited moderation or none) and geolocation rights (all locations or specific places/languages only). For example, when dealing with your french Facebook and Twitter pages, you could create a user group with maximum publishing and moderating rights and target French speakers and France, this would mean that users of this group could only publish and moderate in French and their actions would only visible in France. Simply add or remove employees from your user groups to give or revoke rights.


We help you install content-checking processes.


To make sure all your local posts are in line with your headquarter’s guidelines, we enable you to have local employees create contents as drafts and send them to be validated by your headquarters.

Simply save contents as drafts and use the “ask for validation” option. Once validated, posts can be published directly or scheduled for a later publication.


We help you analyse your local performances.


Local performances can be completely different to global performances as factors such as culture, language and norms come into play.

We provide you with global AND local insights so that you can see how your posts perform globally and locally and adapt your strategy accordingly. All insights are easy accessible and centralised so that you no longer have to switch from page to page to find them. (To find out more on using insights to improve your performances read our article on using past posts to optimise your future actions).

If you deal with international accounts daily but haven’t tried the Tigerlily App yet, apply for a demo.

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