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The Tigerlily App Upgrades To Real-Time!

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We are proud to announce that the Tigerlily App is now able to retrieve Twitter and Facebook mentions, comments, posts and publications in less than a minute.

Considering that 50% of Twitter users expect a response to their messages within two hours, it is absolutely essential to be able to respond as rapidly as possible.

This is why our development team introduced real-time and managed to cut retrieving time by 10, to give you the fastest social media management software on the market.

Want to try out the Real-time Tigerlily App? Contact us!

5 reasons why you’ll love using Tigerlily after using Wildfire

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Google recently announced the freezing of the development of the Wildfire Social media marketing platform. This leaves Wildfire clients without a tool and having to go through the long and tedious process of choosing a new one.

You were using Wildfire? Here’s why Tigerlily might be built for you:


#1 We offer the most complete social media conversation management solution on the market, used by the largest communities in the world. 

Over 80 of the largest brands use the Tigerlily app in over 50 different countries.


#2 We provide a comprehensive publication solution based on performance which enables you to optimise your editorial line and posts.

Don’t waste your time on posts with weak added value, you can now focus your editorial objectives on the most efficient posts.


#3 We enable you to access precise insights and reports which include automatic and personalised recommandations.

We give you access to a unique centralised space which displays all the indicators you need clearly.


#4 We develop and launch extremely powerful apps, completely tailored to your needs and manageable from a back office.

No matter what type of campaign you want to launch, we’ll set up the right mechanics for you and all our apps are mobile-compatible.

If you want to know more about this, here is an example of an application we’ve recently launched for the french mobile operator Sosh.


#5 Personalised customer services, all year long. 

Tigerlily is one of the only solutions in the world offering year-long customer assistance by a dedicated consultants team. You will get a referent responsible for your brand, helping you optimise your use of the platform and performances on the long haul.


If you’d like to discover exactly how our products and services can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How to increase the clicks on your tweets by 18%

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Header EN


Last october, twitter announced the launch of preview photos directly onto timelines, making it possible to see the images associated with a tweet without having to click on the link, both on desktop and mobile.


photo ENG


Brands have rapidly adopted this new visual format and the first results have shown just how effective it is. Last november, Buffer analysed the last 100 tweets published on its account @buffer and showed that tweets with images have on average 18% more clicks than those without. Similarly, posts with images receive 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. 

If you are still not using this visual format, we can only encourage you to try it out. When you do so, do remember to include a link to your website or its contents in all your tweets in order to convert the engagement the tweets will generate into visits!

The Tigerlily App enables you to publish images on twitter and automatically track the links you use. This means that you can mesure the trafic generated by your tweets whenever you post and see the impact of twitter’s new visual format for yourself.


expanded photo


If you are not using the Tigerlily App yet and would like to discover all its features, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a full demo.

The French museum association chose the Tigerlily App to manage its social media accounts

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RMN partage FB


We are happy to announce that the French “Réunion des musées nationaux – grand palais” (Rmn-GP), a prestigious cultural association working under the Minister of culture and which regroups many french museums, has chosen to work with the Tigerlily App to manage its Social Media.

The Tigerlily app will enable the marketing teams of the different social accounts of the Grand Palais and the Musée du Luxembourg to dynamise their presence on social media.

One of the main objectifs shared by the two brands is to engage their community by providing relevant contents and extending their social media services.

This new collaboration is yet another proof of the change that is currently taking place among cultural and public entities: the realisation that the issues of social business do not only concern the private sphere.

In this respect, big public actors already work with us such as the Opéra de Paris and the Centre Pompidou.


If you’d like to know more about the Tigerlily app, don’t hesitate to contact us.

15 400 participate in Sosh’s Facebook App prize draw!

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To promote its partnership with the Happy Telephone Company (HTC), the mobile operator Sosh called upon Tigerlily’s services to create an original and innovative Facebook App.

Tigerlily created an application which respected the brands and values of both companies, HTC and Sosh, while being representative of their partnership.

In this game-type application, participants had to come up with the most original definition of the HTC logo possible. Once they had completed the game, they were able to enter the Sosh prize-draw for the chance to win HTC mobiles or Headphones.

Page d'accueil de l'Application


Users had to go through 3 simple steps:


1. Choosing an original word for every letter of the logo (H, T &C) among a set of words preselected by Sosh:


choix mot par lettre


2. Validating the word combination. There was a total of 27 possible combination, each associated with a different Sosh image:


Valider la combinaison.


3. Entering the Sosh prize-draw by filling in a simple entry-form. Once this form was completed, they instantly had the possibility to share the game with their friends:


formulaire tirage au sort


To maximise its visibility and virality on the french market, the app was available on desktop and mobile and had Open Graph integrated in it (Creating a mention on users’ FB profiles in “recent activities” for every participation).

The App was published on January 19th and generated in just two weeks a total of 139 140 visits – of which 24 330 on mobile devices – and more than 15 400 participations in the prize draw!

To have our team create an App specially tailored for your business’ needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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