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Create the Tennis player of your dreams on Facebook and win tickets for Roland Garros

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Close to the start of the Internationaux de France 2012, the Facebook community is invited to create the perfect tennis player through the “Dream Player” app on the Roland Garros Fan page. Fans can choose which player has the best forehand, backhand, mental etc.. to create their version of the ideal player.

Fans, who select the player receiving the most votes for each skills, will participate in the draw to win tickets for Roland Garros and packs including tournament towel, cap, bag and a keychain.

After the official store, a pinterest-like for the “Golden Moments” tab and this new “Dream Player” contest, Roland Garros is getting stronger on social networks a few days before the opening of the competition. The Facebook page has also just exceed 500,000 fans!


Damien Fischetti

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