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Offer rich and targeted content to your fans on Facebook

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Among the main expectations of fans on Facebook, the brand and products information are two important criteria. Via a custom tab on Facebook, you have the opportunity to present your brand and new products. Tigerlily offers a simple solution that allows you to edit your page by including text, photos, RSS feeds, videos, livestream … all kind of content which can captivate your community. This solution also avoids too much friction and incorporate some of your digital communication directly into the Facebook ecosystem. You will win interactions and engagement.

In this way, Yves Saint Laurent decided to adapt the advertising campaign of the new fragrance “L’Homme Libre” to Facebook, emphasizing the visual aspect and take advantage of the social networks virality to promote the new fragrance. They would like to offer an innovative experience, based on popular tools.

The Yves Saint Laurent’s community on Facebook has been asked to give its vision of freedom by associating the hashtag # BreakFree on Instagram photos. The pictures are recovered and identified by the Tigerlily solution and powered in real-time on the “L’homme libre” tab.

The application can also manage sub-tabs on the page in order to present different contents posted for different countries (7 versions configured)

Results, sithin two months, the campaign has generated 6597 visits on the tab  (70% of non-fans) and almost 500 Instagram pictures shared.


Damien Fischetti

Online Marketing Manager at Tigerlily. From Music Biz to Tech startup. A gap that Steve Jobs summed: "In Silicon Valley, I swear that there are many who believe that the creative process is a band of thirties sitting on a couch, drinking beer... The entertainment industries imagine that technology is something you can buy, they don't understand the creative element."