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Sosh drops the price of the Galaxy S3 with fans “like”

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Involve its fans in the evolution of its services and products, the french mobile brand, Sosh, made it a priority on social networks. A winning strategy that allows it to reach 280,000 fans on Facebook with 5,31% engagement rate, well above the industry average

Sosh offers to its Facebook community, via an application developed by Tigerlily, to drop the price of the new Samsung mobile, the Galaxy S3. More fans like it, more the price drops.

The application benefits:
1. Communicate on mobiles available in the Sosh catalogue
2. Engage fans by offering them to influence services and products
3. Drive conversions
4. Viral features to recruit new fans, thanks to the “like” of the sosh community and sharing features on Facebook (with publications on the Timeline and the newsfeed) and Twitter
5. Multiplying this type of campaign (read article on Nokia), Sosh identifies the most popular mobile on its Facebook community.

Already 1700 “like” in 24 hours !

Sosh, the perfect “Win / Win” strategy between a brand and its community.

Damien Fischetti

Online Marketing Manager at Tigerlily. From Music Biz to Tech startup. A gap that Steve Jobs summed: "In Silicon Valley, I swear that there are many who believe that the creative process is a band of thirties sitting on a couch, drinking beer... The entertainment industries imagine that technology is something you can buy, they don't understand the creative element."